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Management consultancy, civil engineering consultancy and others



Good Job for Good Day

As a professional group,
we will devote ourselves to a better job for a better tomorrow...


Tailor-made consulting for each and every company

From construction consulting to overseas expansion support and overseas business, GIEMONPRO's services are characterized by their wide range. This is because we listen to the needs and issues of our clients and work with each company to create a customized consulting service that combines these services.

Management consultancy
[Management advisory / New business planning]

We provide a wide range of management consulting services, from the formulation of management policies, strategies, and various plans, to new business planning, overseas expansion support, and business process management.

Civil engineering consultancy
[Survey / Planning / Advisory]

Based on more than 30 years of experience in the field of water supply and sewerage, we provide civil engineering consultancy for public agencies, including various surveys and studies, planning and advisory services.

Overseas project
[Overseas expansion support / overseas research, etc.]

Based on the network we have built up in Japan and overseas, especially in Southeast Asia, we are engaged in overseas business such as overseas development support, overseas on-site surveys and research.

"Engineering" + "Professional" = GIEMONPRO, Ltd.

GIEMONPRO's background is civil engineering consultation in water and sewage fields. Our CEO, Tatsuo Morimoto, established GIEMONPRO in Osaka in 2018 based on 30 years of experience in the water and sewage field.

We are contributing to solving problems all over the world as a "PRO"fessional group by combining "PRO"motion and "PRO"ject management with the strengths of "Engineering"("Gi" in Japanese).



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