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"Gi" of GIEMONPRO, our company name, means technology and also high technique in Japanese. We also put a meaning of PROfessional, PROmotion, and PROject management into the syllable "Pro".

We consider that contributing to the society, enhancing our individual technical skills and ability to solve social problems, is our responsibility.


Civil engineering projects


10.7.2019 We are in the local newspaper of Raos, Vientiane TIMES!

Our work are in the Vientiane TIMES. In order to help supply of safe water in Raos, we are doing consultation for Japanese company, TohKemy, about validation of local compatibility of the device. We are very honored and proud of what we have done so far.

the second person from the right is Tatsuo Morimoto, CEO of GIEMONPRO.

191003Vientiane Times.jpg
Drawing up water from a well is the task of women and children
A girl doing laundry work at rural area of Cambodia
Children playing with the water from the faucet at Raos
Opening ceremony (celebration with national costume)
Field survey at devastated area in Indonesia
Facilitation of business negotiation
Water supply survey at Rwandan
Routine work of drawing up water from the leaking water pipe
Faucet of rural area of Raos
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11.6.2019 Tatsuo Morimoto, CEO of Giemonpro, participated in the seminar as a speaker!

Tatsuo Morimoto, CEO of Giemonpro, participated in the seminar of smart infrastructure as a speaker, which was held Nov. 6th at Kyoto Keizai Center. Although small-scaled, it was very fruitful exchanging ideas through discussion with other participants.

"The significance of overseas expansion for infrastructure-related companies"

Date: November 6th, 2019​

Place: Kyoto Keizai Center


Past Events

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○ Summer Fest Marathon 2014 at Odaiba, Tokyo